10–06–24“66CO2” public bench
at the LFA

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Join us at the London Festival of Architecture.
London Festival of Architecture

09–05–24“Water Wareness”
at Ghent Art Book Fair

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The publication "Water Wareness" is now available and will be presented in Ghent on Saturday, May 11th.


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Join the Demonstration on Saturday 23 March - 3pm at the highrise An der Urania 4-10 in Berlin.
an.ders Urania

14–02–24“Aufbruch ins Bestehende” at IFA Conference 2024

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On Friday, February 16th, the conference at TU Berlin will address the current paradigm shift of using existing resources.
IFA Conference

12–12–23Pews and Perches 2024 Designers Announced

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The winning design teams have been announced for the Pews and Perches design competition, which will see 6 public benches delivered throughout the Royal Docks in London.
London Festival of Architecture

20–11–23An.ders Urania at Roundabout.ev

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On Friday, November 24, 2023, at 6:00 PM, the 'Initiative an.ders Urania' will introduce itself in the IFA Foyer of TU Berlin.


28–10–23Initiative an.ders Urania Petition  

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Stop the demolition of the high-rise building at Urania 4-10! Convert it instead!

Petition at change.org

Lecture at Studio Maria Conen, ETH Zurich
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Panta Rhei Collaborative about their current findings of the research project "Water-Wareness."
Studio Maria Conen

13–09–23 Learnscapes Symposium

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Panta Rhei Collaborative will be part of the Learnscapes Symposium 2023 at Floating University in Berlin.


18–07–23Interview with Ron Orp

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A conversation about Zurich's water supply and the research project “Water-Wareness”.

Ron Orp

06–07–23 Interview with Tinatin Gurgenidze at syg.ma

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Dream Together: a Conversation with Members of the Panta Rhei Collaborative about the research for the third edition of Tbilisi Architecture Biennial TAB 2022.

12–05–23Lecture at Leibniz Universität Hannover

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Lecture and Discussion on Wednesday 17th May, 19.00h at Leibniz Universität Hannover, Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences.
archifachschaft hannover

01–05–23Exhibition “Water-Wareness” at Displays
in Zurich

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Join us on 4th May for the vernissage at 6.30pm at Weststrasse 117, Zurich.


“Verdichtung oder Verdrängung?”


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Organized by MAS gta ETH and MAS in Housing ETH from Thursday, January 26, 2023, to Sunday, April 23, 2023, at ZAZ BELLERIVE.


“66CO2” at the 
London Festival of Architecture

66CO2 is a collaboration between Panta Rhei Collaborative and Miles Dean, and about harnessing the hidden potential of extracted concrete – a material whose lifetime is currently considered limited.

The installation suggests new futures within the circular economy for this material, as well as championing its structural, functional and sculptural qualities past its first life.

The public bench is a commission as part of the LFA at the Royal Docks in London.

You can find more information about the design and fabrication here: 

London Festival of Architecture
Podcast Building Sounds

Image: Luke O'Donovan

“Water Wareness” 
at Ghent Art Book Fair

The new publication „Water Wareness“ - a collaboration between Panta Rhei Collaborative and HumDrumPress will be available for purchase this weekend at Ghent Art Book Fair.
There will also be a presentation at 16:30 on Saturday discussing the collaborative process that went into putting this publication together.

Water Wareness is a multilayered publication that investigates how forms of water within our cities shape our urban environments, and affect our access to water as a common good in our daily inhabiting of the city. The publication contends with the questions: rather than occurring in opposition to capitalist tendencies where the state and market govern it, can individual water commoning instead become complementary to it? And, if so, how might we share the task of commoning amongst everybody in the wake of the climate emergency?

For more Information, please feel free to reach out to @pantarheicollaborative via email or instagram.

Photo by HumDrumPress


Saturday 23 March - 3 pm
Location: An der Urania 4-10, 10787 Berlin
transformation before demolition!

The Initiative an.ders Urania has been fighting for months to preserve the high-rise building Urania 4-10, which belongs to the state of Berlin. Yet bulldozers have been ordered to start the demolition in April. Together with a broad alliance, we renew our call on the Senate: Stop this demolition immediately! Preserve the highrise Urania 4-10! Turn it into a model project for conversion! As long as the structure stands, it is still possible to stop the demolition!

With contributions by

Theresa Keilhacker, Architekt:innenkammer Berlin
Ulrike Herrmann, taz
Viktor Schödwell, Deutsche Umwelthilfe
Christian Schöningh, ZUsammenKUNFT Berlin eG 
Dana Schneider und Kristin Lazarova, Urbane Praxis e.V.


“Aufbruch ins Bestehende” at IFA Conference 2024

Panel 1 - 9:15h, Institute for Architecture TU Berlin

Co-organizers: Jan Kampshoff (FG Entwerfen und Baukonstruktion,DE/CO)

Panelists: Bene Wahlbrink, Marius Busch, Li Lin (FG Entwerfen und
Baukonstruktion, DE/CO), 
Ida Oline Kuhlmann, Annika Hopster (IfA students), 
Maria Hudl (FG Entwerfen und Gebäudekunde)

Guest: Tobias Hönig (Universität Siegen, c/o now)

ModeratorIn: Katharina Lux (IfA Alumni, Baunetz Campus), Jan Kampshoff (FG Entwerfen und Baukonstruktion, DE/CO)

Video IFA Conference 2024 

Panel 1 “Aufbruch ins Bestehende”

Pews and Perches 2024

Panta Rhei Collaborative, together with Miles Dean, is one of the six winners of the Pews and Perches design competition. The competition was initially conceived to help introduce more seating options across the Royal Docks and to support the area to become more inviting and accessible. It aimed to demonstrate how public realm interventions, even at a small scale, can help build a sense of place as well as positively impact people’s well-being and experience of their surroundings.

This year’s winning designs respond to the Mayor of London’s vision of transitioning to a circular economy, as set out in the draft London Plan earlier this year, creatively embracing, exploring and testing circular economy principles in their design.


The winning teams are:

- The North-Bound Collective
- Studio Green
- Studio_Underbar
- Panta Rhei Collaborative X Miles Dean
- Katie Fisher and Siraaj Mitha


An.ders Urania at Roundabout.ev

24.11.2023 | 18:00 | IFA Foyer |

In the next Roundtalk, the initiative @an.dersURANIA will introduce itself!

Founded in October 2023, the initiative comprises members from the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, sociology, and art. Together, they advocate for the preservation of Urania 4-10 in Schöneberg and an immediate halt to its mechanical dismantling.

The high-rise building is owned by the state of Berlin and was constructed by Werner Düttmann in the 1960s. Despite being structurally functional, it is slated for demolition in 2024. This move contradicts the demands of the climate crisis, as demolishing a structurally sound concrete high-rise is not considered contemporary. 

The talk will be held in German.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Poster by Kim Nguyen


Initiative An.ders Urania Petition

The high-rise building at Urania 4-10 in Berlin Schöneberg is owned by the State of Berlin and was designed by Werner Düttmann in the 1960s. The building is set to be demolished in January 2024. This poses a risk of losing an icon of Berlin architecture. Moreover, in the context of the climate crisis, demolishing a structurally functioning concrete high-rise is an outdated practice.

Call to Action

We urge the BIM as the owner of the building and the Senate Department for Urban Development to:

1. Initiate an immediate stop of  the mechanical demolition
2. Declare the property as a matter of overarching urban importance and initiate a plan for reuse
3. Transform the planned competition for the new construction into a two-stage competition for the reuse of the building

Sign the petition here: change.org


Photo: Malte Wilms 

Lecture at Studio Maria Conen, ETH Zurich

Water as Commons in Zurich and London

Several places globally demonstrate key examples of commoning practices that are improving local communities’ access to water, many undoubtedly forming exemplary case studies for exploring how we may reclaim our access to this ‘shared wealth’. We felt it was also as important to understand one’s own context as, even within wealthy cities perceived as being at the forefront of technological development, key themes can arise that help us to better understand the forces at play when dealing with the access to, and shared use of water. 

As a result, we turned to our home cities – London and Zürich – looking inwards as a starting point for understanding their individual relationship to their waterways. Water in each of the two cities presents a multitude of social, geographical and political conditions that are often present across several different contexts. 
We chose to look at each city through specific lenses, selecting themes that we believe present a condition of duality; on one hand sparking growth and innovation yet also lead to seemingly problematic outcomes. By engaging with local initiatives and collaborating with other creative practitioners, we adopted an ethnographic approach of observation and documentation to bring to light these conditions. 

Photo Jan Bruhin


Learnscapes Symposium: Unsealing Floating 

16. September 2023 13:30-21:30
17. September 2023 12:00 – 17:00 

The Learnscapes Symposium: Unsealing Floating invites past, present and future participants of the Learnscapes Programme for two days of workshops, talks and get-togethers – an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the floating landscapes of knowledge production and practices of un-, co- and re- learning beyond academia.

This season we aim to reflect practices of un-, re- and co-learning through the notion of unsealing – questioning established planning processes, breaking out of institutional borders and entrenched learning methods, developing new ways of practice-based knowledge production, envisioning alternative futures and narratives and exploring spatial transformations. 

Graphic: Roman Aurelio Karrer

Interview with Ron Orp 

Sommer der Elemente: Zürichs Wasserversorgung als Vorzeigemodell

“Hast du gewusst, dass Zürcher:innen im Durchschnitt 160 Liter Wasser pro Tag verbrauchen? Oder dass unsere Stadt eine der besten Wasserqualitäten Europas hat? Darüber habe ich mich mit Bene Wahlbrink unterhalten. Der Architekt und Forscher hat zusammen mit seinen Kollegen Eugenio Cappuccio und Julius Grambow ihm Rahmen der «School of Commons» der ZHdK in den letzten Monaten die Wasserversorgung der Städte Zürich, Berlin und London unter die Lupe genommen.”

Photos: Nadine Kägi